EvePoint Core Preliminary Scope

Feb 3, 2009 at 6:08 AM
The initial versions of EvePoint Core are a proof of concept/attempt by one developer with SharePoint experience to branch out into iPhone mobile web development.

Op-ed: SharePoint 2007's mobile features in light of today's smart phone technology appears to be a miserable after-thought.  To preview these features on a regular instance of SharePoint 2007, simply add a /m after the web name.  Second op-ed: As smart phones come into their own, no major product suite can afford to have mobile technology as an after-thought. 

That said, the goal of this proof of concept is not at first to fix everything wrong with the limited, lowest common denominator mobile feature set but to make a more usable version focused on the iPhone/iPod mobile platform.   The goal is to make a lowest common denominator mobile feature set focused on the iPhone/iPod mobile platform.  The goal for 1.0 is to make a solid release that favours creating a "Core" that is stable enough for other developers to extend in whatever ways they see fit. 

For instance, with the extensive CSS 3 capabilities of Webkit, a developer may want to add zoom-able photo gallery that uses the canvas HTML element to imprint information about the photos, or provide transitional animations that emulate the capabilities of the native iPhone SDK. 

We can only hope and demand as customers that in SharePoint 2010 (or we will be former-customers and former-developers), a wider range of mobile platforms will have richer support.   One possible direction to this project if it gains momentum is to branch out and add richer mobile support for other mobile browsers. 

There are plenty of great ways that SharePoint could be a bridge for some of the limitations of current day smart phones.  For example, if a mobile OS can't display a file type, a SharePoint document converter could render it in a format available for the mobile OS. 

With the bandwidth limitations of 3G networks, there is room to provide a caching system, and in the case of the iPhone a native application that will allow the most efficient transmission of files over the cellular networks.  One aspect of this project may be to provide hooks for these native applications.  (Perhaps a second idea would be a RESTful interface for updating and accessing SharePoint).

Okay rambling, now, but I wanted to discuss some of the impetus behind this project.